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Leaking roof? Ridge caps cracking? Maybe you just want to give your tired old house a practical and value-enhancing face-lift?

We can remove your old tile, iron, decramastic or asbestos roof and replace it with a new, light-weight corrugated Colorbond® or Zincalume® roof in just a few days.

When you call for your FREE No Obligation Quote, it is the company owner that you will meet on site, not a salesperson.

With over 30 years of hands-on experience and expert advice in the industry, we will talk you through the process. So give us a call when you are comparing options for honest advice.

About Perth Roof

Is your roof is leaking? Ridge caps cracking? Maybe you just want to give your tired old house a practical and value-enhancing face-lift? Just call Perth Roof. We can remove your old tile, iron, decramastic or asbestos roof and replace it with a new, light-weight corrugated Colorbond® or Zincalume® roof in just a few days.

The Top Re-Roofing Extras

Once the old tiles or iron have been removed many of our Perth re-roofing clients take the opportunity to have some of the following options installed:

Insulation: Building Blanket Insulation (commonly referred to as Anticon) can be fitted between the new steel purlins and roof sheeting to keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter. Your savings on energy costs means it can pay for itself within a few months.

Skylights: Bring the warmth and brightness of natural light into your home without the heat.

Ventilation: A simple way of boosting air circulation and decreasing interior humidity, ventilation is almost a must-have in the Australian climate. Choose from traditional Whirlybirds or a streamlined ridge ventilator such as an E-Vent.

Our Re-Roofing Process

When you call for your obligation-free quote, it is the owner of Perth Roof that you will meet on site, not a salesperson. That is 34 years of hands-on experience and expert advice in the industry, so give us a call when you are comparing options.

Most roof replacements in Western Australia require a Building Permit from the local Permit Authority, Council or Shire. This is the first step towards your new roof, and Perth Roof will handle all the paperwork and lodge on your behalf.

When we actually get started, the first step is to remove and dispose of all the old tiles, iron or asbestos. We then replace the old tile battens with new steel purlins. At this stage, we can also replace gutters and downpipes. With the purlins in, it is time to install building blanket insulation where applicable, and plan for skylights and ventilation.

As a Registered Building Company we then ensure that we install the appropriate Tie Downs to tie the existing roof structure to the walls, all according to a Structural Engineer’s specifications. The type of Tie Downs used will vary according to the type of walls you have. Your new corrugated Colorbond® or Zincalume® roof sheets are then laid and secured with Climaseal 50mm Tek screws.

Once your new roof is installed we clean the entire site, removing all rubbish and debris.

Perth Roof
Perth Roof
Perth Roof

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Why Choose a Perth Roof

A tin or metal roof has been a popular choice across Australia, and many other countries, for many decades. Here at The Roof and Wall Doctor, we have chosen to supply and install tin roofs, and with good reason too...

Longer Lasting: The biggest problem with old cement and clay roofing tiles is that they are extremely heavy. The average tile-roof home has anywhere from 10-30 tonnes of tiles sitting on the roof. This excess weight can often cause cracks to the walls of the house, and sags or dips in the gutters or roof line.

Lighter: A new BluescopeLysaght Corrugated Colorbond® or Zincalume® roof will be 15-20 times lighter than the old tiles, stopping the weight-damage immediately.

Warranty: Independent BluescopeLysaght product warranty of 20 years, plus The Roof & Wall Doctor’s no leak guarantee.

Advantages: Hear the rain on your roof again, and take advantage of the rainwater catchment. Useful in cities, but absolutely vital in rural areas, enjoy the benefits of chemically inert, fresh drinking water caught and delivered by your brand new Australian made Colorbond® or Zincalume® roofing.

Options: We are able to offer many options at the time of re-roofing, including: Anticon Insulation, Skylights and Air Vents.

Colorbond Roofing Colours

Made for Australian Conditions

Coloured Tin Roof

COLORBOND® steel makes perfect sense

Strong, secure and energy smart, COLORBOND® steel is tried and tested in Australian conditions to look great and deliver outstanding, long life performance. With 22 colours in the range, you can choose a roof colour that sets the theme for your whole home, or complements your other building material choices.

In particular, you can ‘mix and match’ colours with your gutter, fascia and downpipes made from COLORBOND® steel. Furthermore, the range of thermally efficient light colours can help to keep your home cooler on hot, sunny days.

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We are the experts, and there are a lot of good reasons to call us first.

  • Free quotes throughout the Perth metro area and regional Western Australia.
  • We are fully licensed (WorkSafe Class III Demolition License No: WAD0037) to carry out asbestos roof replacement.
  • You will not meet with a salesperson for your asbestos roof replacement quote – you will meet with the owner of the company – his years of training and experience in the field mean your safety comes first.
  • We are safe, efficient and qualified. We have over 30 years of experience, and an impressive satisfaction rate across over 4000 jobs.

Both Zincalume® and Colorbond® are Registered Trade Marks of BluescopeLysaght Steel and are manufactured here in Australia. Zincalume® is the modern equivalent of galvanized iron with the same silver finish, only longer lasting and much lighter. It is steel coated in a zinc/aluminium/magnesium alloy making it durable, strong and corrosion resistant.

Colorbond® is Zincalume steel with an adhesive, primer and a high gloss colour layer baked onto it. There are over 20 colours to choose from. Both come with BluescopeLysaght’s product warranty and Perth Roof no leak guarantee.


Tie Downs are basically anchor points used to secure your new roof to your home. Tiles are very heavy which enables them to stay in place. Your new Colorbond® or Zincalume® roof is very light, and therefore must be fastened to the roof structure or the walls.

Perth Roof works with a Structural Engineer to make sure your new roof is not only beautiful and functional, but stays in place even in cyclonic winds.

If your re-roof is over $20,000 (inc. GST), then the law requires it be carried out by a Registered Builder. If it is not, the work is illegal. A Registered Builder has been examined, in theory and practice, by the Building Commission of Western Australia, and is able to provide all the necessary insurances which protect you from default by the builder for a period of 6 years after completion, bringing compete peace of mind. But even if the re-roof of your home is less than $20,000, why compromise on quality and expertise?


Western Australian law states that re-roofing must be approved by your local council. This means submitting a Building Permit Application or risking fines. Nobody likes struggling with paperwork and plans, not to mention finding a Structural Engineer to provide a Tie Down detail! But you don’t have to worry because Perth Roof coordinates all the necessary paperwork and lodges the application on your behalf. It just doesn’t get any simpler than that.


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